Spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

Spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

Gao Xiaojun, spokesperson for the Beijing Health Commission, announced that Chinese medicine practitioners will determine Chinese medicine treatment plans for newly diagnosed, affected, severe, and critically ill COVID patients. Hong-Zhi et al. According to Hong-Zhi et al. Li Yu Department of Science and Technology of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine director notes that of COVID patients treated with Qing Fei Pai Du Tang, patients were cured, symptoms including fever and coughing completely resolved in an additional 51 patients, symptom improvements occurred in an additional patients, and stabilization occurred in patients.

In a detailed analysis of patients, Li Yu notes that patients had a body temperature in excess of After 6 days, Of the patients, had coughs. For the prevention stage, acupuncture is administered to strengthen zheng qi healthy energy and to benefit lung and spleen functions to combat foreign pathogens. The primary acupoints selected for this stage are categorized into 3 groups; 1—2 acupoints are selected from each group during one acupuncture session:.

A secondary set is added dependent upon individual symptoms. For fever, the following acupoints are added:. For nausea, loose stools, enlarged tongue with greasy coating, and soft soggy pulse, the following acupoints are added:. For clear nasal discharge, sore and painful back, pale tongue with white coating, and moderate pulse, the following acupoints are added:.

In the treatment stage, acupuncture is applied to interrupt disease progress based on the Pei Tu Sheng Jin bank up earth to engender metal principle and to relieve low mood. The primary acupoints selected for this stage are categorized into 3 groups. For mild to moderate cases, 2—3 acupoints are selected from groups 1 and 2 during each acupuncture session.

For severe cases, additional 2—3 acupoints are recommended from group 3. For persistent fever, the following acupoints are added:. For low grade fever, nausea, loose stools, and a pale-red tongue with a white-greasy coating, the following acupoints are added:. In the recovery stage, acupuncture is applied to eliminate pathogens from the body and to recover lung and spleen functions.

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The following primary acupoints are recommended:. A secondary set of acupuncture points are added dependent upon individual symptoms. For lung and spleen qi deficiency, sets of points are added for specific conditions:. For patients with qi and yin deficiency, the following acupoints are recommended for specific presentations:. Additional guidelines were published for patients with sputum and stasis blocking the channels with underlying lung and spleen deficiency:. The aforementioned acupoints can be stimulated with acupuncture, moxibustion, or massage.

If acupuncture is used, needles should be manipulated with the mild reinforcement and attenuation Ping Bu Ping Xie technique during the 20—30 minute needle retention time. If moxibustion is applied, the moxa should warm the points for 10—15 minutes. Treatment is administered once daily. They presented with fatigue, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms.Traditional Chinese medicineor TCM, conceives of the human body as a set of inter-related systems which work together in harmony.

Problems in one part of the body may be the result of injury to a different part of the body or to the flow of energy qi through the entire body.

spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

Traditional Chinese treatment of disorders involves the use of complex prescriptions made up of multiple herbs. In Chinese philosophy, qi is the life force that flows through all things. Everything in the universe derives from qi. When qi flows properly, all things are in harmony and function correctly; when qi is blocked, problems arise. Within the human body, says this philosophy, qi flows through the organs maintaining health and balance. It is thought to provide the energy needed for our bodies to function, support body temperature, maintain the structure and strength of our organs, and keep our metabolism constant.

In order to do all of these things properly, qi must flow through our bodies. Where there are blockages and qi cannot flow, we experience health problems. Spleen qi refers not only to the actual organ called the spleen but to the entire digestive system and aspects of the circulatory system.

Ordinarily, when the spleen qi is flowing properly, the digestive system also functions properly. Blood and all the fluids of the digestive system move smoothly, and there are no backups or sagging of the organs.

When the qi is blocked as a result of dampness, however, a number of symptoms can develop. Many of these symptoms relate to appetite and weight; others to fatigue and pale skin.

Note that these disorders must be medically diagnosed and treated as some of these conditions can be life-threatening. According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, the spleen prefers a dry environment. Thus, dampness can cause issues with the spleen qi.

For example, living in a damp climate or eating cold or raw foods can cause spleen dampness. Of course, if you experience symptoms such as those described above, it is important to visit a physician to develop a proper course of treatment.

While herbal remedies may be helpful for mild discomfort, issues such as ulcers, anemia, and hepatitis are very serious and can even be life-threatening if not medically managed. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Greenwood MT.

Dysbiosis, spleen qi, phlegm, and complex difficulties.

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Med Acupunct. Kaptchuk TJ. Chicago: Contemporary McGraw-Hill More in Holistic Health. Weakness, lethargy Pale, bright face Shallow breathing Low, soft voice Little desire to speak Poor appetite Prolonged headache Fatigue Loose stools Lethargy Dizziness Tired eyes Dislike cold greasy foods Headache after exertion Symptoms are worse in the morning Abdominal discomfort which feels better when pressure is applied Indigestion Bloating and gas Weak limbs.

Pale or normal tongue. May have swollen sides. Gastric or duodenal ulcer Dyspepsia Hepatitis Anemia. These are just some of the herbs that are believed to help spleen qi deficiency:.

Beef Root vegetables Warm foods Soups Warming spices, such as black pepper, ginger, cumin. Liver Fire in Traditional Chinese Medicine.You can get the full page eBook with guidelines, 7-day meal planrecipes, and shopping lists Just click the link below to learn more.

The reality is that such strategies generally fail to deliver significant weight loss benefits. The newest…. They wrote a great article about it. Here are a few highlights. Weil, he argues that plants as in herbs are better than pharmaceutical drugs to treat illness. Western medicine holds that when a plant shows bioactivity in humans, we must attribute….

Thank you for letting me know. Great question. In my sample meal plan, for example, I include Greek yogurt for one lunch and goat cheese in one dinner — so still some dairy, but not nearly as much as in the standard American diet. Other excellent sources of calcium are beans and lentils, almonds, and leafy greens. I also discovered Almond yogurt yesterday. Any insight on teas? Great question, Jackie! Warm tea is wonderful for the spleen. A few herbal teas that are especially supportive for it are: ginger, fennel, caraway, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric.

You may notice that many of these are ingredients in chai tea. You just want to avoid the sugar- and dairy- laden versions of chai.

Spleen Qi Deficiency

Regarding no sugar advice, I have a habit of adding to my hot teas a little honey or real maple syrup not sugar with a little lemon juice — any problem with this, as I try to support my spleen which shows some small densities…? Hi Kathleen.Practitioners believe that a qi deficiency is linked to the spleen and that rest and eating certain foods can treat the imbalance.

The concepts of TCM are not based in modern science but have their roots in ancient Chinese practices. TCM includes herbal remedies, acupunctureand exercises such as tai chi or qigong.

While there is no scientific proof for qi or a deficiency of qi, many people understand these terms as ways to describe issues in the body as a whole — rather than taking the rigorous route that medical science does. In this article, we will explore what a qi deficiency is, its symptoms and causes, and how it might be treated with rest and diet.

spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

According to TCM, qi is life force or vital energy. Everything in the world is made up of qi, including the physical body and the feelings a person has. Followers and practitioners of TCM believe that to be balanced in life and free from physical or mental health issues, a person must have balanced qi. They suggest that illnesses or other conditions only appear when there is a qi imbalance or deficiency in the body.

Instead, the NCCIH take a more scientific view, looking at how these practices affect the body and their use in symptom management.

Roughly translated, qi means energy, so, simply put, a qi deficiency means low energy. This low energy can affect the body as a whole or just specific organs that cause different symptoms.

A general qi deficiency may cause some overall symptoms of fatigue and illness. A study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences uses the following five signs and symptoms to diagnose a qi deficiency:. Some practitioners believe that there is a relationship between qi deficiency and chronic medical diseases and their complications, such as heart diseasehypertensionor stroke.

Qi deficiency may also result from using too much qi in daily life. Many people in the western world are constantly working or on-the-go, leading busy lives, leaving no time to relax.

spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

According to TCM, leading such a stressful life with little downtime may quickly drain the body of vital energy, making a person more susceptible to qi deficiency and the illnesses that follow.

Think of qi deficiency as being burned out, a condition that can cause the symptoms and conditions associated with stress. TCM places great importance on treating the body as a whole rather than merely managing symptoms.

Where western medicine might treat tiredness with stimulants, such as coffeeTCM concerns itself with addressing the issues causing the fatigue in the first place. There is little quality scientific research to support topics such as qi and qi deficiency, and most of the evidence for treating qi deficiency is anecdotal.

That said, many people may find relief from symptoms by making some changes in their diet and lifestyle to support their qi balance or using alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. People with qi deficiency may work too hard, are always on the go, and never have downtime. To help balance the qi in the body, many TCM practitioners recommend a heavy focus on rest. People with a qi deficiency may have a tendency towards stress and may benefit from improving their sleep patterns.

A study published in Experimental Neurobiology reports that excessive stress is bad for both the body and the brain. Stress may activate the brain at night, making sound sleep difficult. Reducing stress levels may help a person sleep better and have more energy or qi throughout the day. Try to find a set time to go to sleep and wake up each day, and aim to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

TCM suggests that a qi deficiency might be influenced by the spleen, which carries qi to other parts of the body. This is why a qi deficiency might occur in any area of the body. Foods that are good for spleen qi include yang tonic foods and qi-circulating foods.

According to TCM, these foods might warm the spleen and increase energy flow to the body. In western medicine, the spleen is considered a non-vital organ.This is understandable as these two patterns are indeed extremely common. By contrast, when it comes to the Stomach, we do mention Stomach-Yin deficiency.

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In fact, some people say that this is a well-known contradiction: the Stomach is a Yang organ but it suffers from Yin deficiency while the Spleen is a Yin organ but it suffers from Yang deficiency.

All this is true, but in this article, I want to discuss the aetiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of Spleen-Yin deficiency. Although we nowadays emphasize Spleen-Yang deficiency, some of the old classics did often mention Spleen-Yin deficiency. The aetiology of Spleen-Yin deficiency is clearly dietary. It is caused by irregular eating, i. However, besides the dietary causes, Spleen-Yin deficiency may also be caused by emotional stress related to worry and pensiveness and by excessive physical work that depletes the Spleen.

Poor appetite, distension after eating, dry stools, dry mouth and throat, dry lips, thin body, dull complexion without lustre, night-sweating, 5-palm heat only if there is Empty Heatbleeding in small quantitytongue without coating red if there is Empty HeatFine pulse.

Please note that Empty Heat does derive from Yin deficiency but someone may have Yin deficiency for years before Empty Heat develops. The tongue is in fact the best clinical sign to distinguish when Yin deficiency has given rise to Empty Heat: if the tongue lacks a coating but it is not red, there is Yin deficiency without Empty Heat. If the tongue lacks a coating and it is red, then there is Yin deficiency and Empty Heat Plates 1 and 2 and Fig. Plate 1 no coating, normal colour.

Plate 2 no coating, red colour.

Spleen Qi Deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Progression of Yin deficiency and development of Empty Heat. The Spleen controls yun huai. Yun Hua is impaired not only when Spleen-Yang si deficient but also when Spleen-Yin is deficient, hence the lack of appetite.

The Yin deficiency causes the loss of weight and therefore thin body. Spleen-Yin includes Blood and Ying and for this reason Spleen-Yin deficiency may cause bleeding such as in the stools, vomit or under the skin.

Chinese journals often include symptoms and signs of Empty Heat with Spleen-Yin deficiency and they say that this pattern cause the flaring up of the pathological Minister Fire. I tend to disagree with thisview.Stomach and Spleen Deficiency? I expect you'll decide you have this after you've read this page.

Almost everyone thinks they have the symptoms, sooner or later. Those of us who don't get this syndrome may have other problems, but having a secure digestion is for them a major blessing. There are four main reasons for this, see below, but any number of contributing factors.

If you click and read Stomach and Spleen first you'll understand more. The main thing to realise is that the strength of your Stomach and Spleen is vital to your health. Through them comes the food that keeps you alive. If your Stomach can process what you eat properly you'll live.

Stomach and Spleen Qi deficiency makes you more susceptible to many other syndromes. They put energy - Qi - into your system. Please take care of your digestion!

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What would a worm be without its digestion? We and the worms are related, though it's easier to see this in some people than in others. For instance, eating when worried, sad, angry or tense interferes with our Stomach and Spleen energies.

That leads to Stomach and Spleen deficiency. Your Stomach and Spleen are the main energies in your body that deal with thinking.

Over-thinking, ie worrying, weakens Stomach Qi. Cold in particular can invade or disrupt your digestion. See under Stomach Cold invasion.Studies on Reflexology, Acupressure and Acupuncture. The Spleen is an organ that you will find in the upper left part of the abdomen and to the left of your Stomach.

It is the size of your fist and is 4 inches long. The main spleen function is filtering blood; it is the largest lymphatic organ of your body. The Spleen is the receptacle where old red blood cells are recycled. The spleen stores the platelets and white blood cells. The white cells or lymphocytes act as a defensive barrier protecting you against bacteria and viruses with powerful antibodies, which helps kill foreign pathogens and stops infections. The Spleen is not essential for survival and it may help you to live without the physical organ; however, the importance of the energetic meridian and functions cannot be undermined.

It is said that without the Spleen, the other organs in the body empower themselves to have the ability to fight infection and remove the old red blood cells.

spleen qi deficiency acupuncture points

It is important to keep your Spleen healthy as it helps in the proper circulation of the blood in the vessels. It impacts the muscles as it transports the blood and energy to the flesh and limbs. It uplifts the Chi, keeping our organs in place, maintaining the balance in the body and its proper position. The spleen also allows us to savor the five different types of taste.

What happens when the Spleen becomes imbalanced? A spleen qi deficiency shows up several symptoms such as cold hands and feet, as there is not enough energy sufficiently distributed. As the muscles do not receive the essence of food, you may also experience signs of weakness and fatigue.

As the movement of fluids become sluggish, it leads to thickening and coagulation, as there is stagnation in the flow. There is also mucous accumulation leading to swelling, stones, fibroid tumors, constipation, a feeling of heaviness, and even paralysis.

Some parts of the body may be withered and emaciated. As the blood-movement is disrupted, you will undergo other conditions such as varicose veins, masses, hemorrhoids, and menstrual problems on the lines of amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and menorrhagia.

Chinese medicine links the function of the spleen with the pancreas.

Acupressure Points to Optimize Spleen Health in Your Body

You can locate the pancreas, a pear-shaped gland, right behind the stomach in the upper part of your left abdomen. A healthy pancreas releases the right amount of chemicals to digest the foods we eat. The two main functions of the pancreas are exocrine and endocrine. The exocrine tissue enables digestion by producing pancreatic enzymes when food enters the stomach and eases it into the duodenum. This helps in aiding the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

The remaining tissue consists of endocrine cells, also known as the Islets of Langerhans. These cells release the hormones insulin and glucagon, that are then transported throughout the bloodstream to maintain stable blood sugar levels. The primary function of the spleen is to carry the food and drink we consume and transform into Qi. If all the processes in our body go on properly, we feel alert and energetic. So what is spleen deficiency? A spleen deficiency results when the pancreas, along with the stomach are not breaking down the food efficiently and helping in absorbing the food and drink.

This means we are not able to get enough energy to fuel our activities.